Brand Refreshing: 5 Indications your Business needs one

As a small business we recognize the demands daily service and product development has.  We started this business a few years ago with a solid brand. We love our brand and what it stands for. Our brand identity is clear: we’re a creative, small business marketing partner to several small businesses around the country. Our brand is becoming established. But our brand personality has been lacking. This is what we do and why we completely understand and relate to those who give us a call and need our help.  With the time spent on creating, developing and re-branding our clients, we’ve taken little to no time refreshing our own brand. Ultimately, this has hindered our desire to market ourselves effectively and clearly communicate and leave an appropriate digital footprint out there.

Your brand identity isn’t being communicated correctly – website is outdated, products are listed, out dated testimonials, old industry insight, a copyright date that several years old on the bottom of your site! We want you to feel proud of how your business is showing up in the world.

Your logo needs a small, up to date adjustment. What is it saying now?  Does it look outdated?

Color palette needs updating to connect with your markets

Updating Marketing materials – when your sales presentation has changed but your supporting materials are still lacking the changes or you’ve moved to a different location and your needing new corporate identity materials such as signage, business supplies, and promotional items.

It’s been over 5 years since you’ve last looked at your brand building seriously.  Are you letting the market know you care? That you want to engage.